Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

Remember, "Mr. Fantastic," Chance's friend? http://cattlekids.blogspot.com/2009/02/cancees-chatterings.html

This link will take you to the blog about him.

Sunday as we listened to conference Pres. Monson in his last talk uses the phrase "I testify to you that we are all in this together" When I let Chance watch it again on the internet he got all excited and wanted to write a letter to President Monson.

This is the letter we wrote and sent.

Dear President Monson,
My name is Chance Kirk Brian. . I am going to turn 4 on Oct. 21rst. I live in Loa, Utah I have a friend that I call “Mr. Fantastic” I'm not sure what his real name is That's just what I call him. He lives in Loa, too. He got in an accident a long time ago and because of that accident he is in a wheel chair. He works at Loa elementary school helping kids learn to read.
My Mom, me and my little sister are the crossing guards in Loa. Every morning, after my two older brothers leave for the school bus, we take my older sister to school, she's in second grade, and we help all the kids cross the street who walk to school. I mostly just stay in the pick-up and watch my little sister.

Almost every morning, for about two years, my friend “Fantastic” has wheeled himself to school. He goes right by our pick-up and he always stops to visit with me. We talk about all kinds of thing's. One day I told him about a dream I had that he could walk. He told me he sometimes dreams that, too, and that someday he will get to walk again because of Jesus. That makes him really happy. Me, too.
We only visit for a few minutes each day, and as soon as we're done I always tell him “Don't forget, and stay out of trouble, and remember, we're all in this together. Good bye”
I first started telling him “Don't forget” Then I guess I just decided that it's important to “stay out of trouble” so I added that. Last year I decided that “We're all in this together.” and so I added that.
Jesus must know how important it is for us to remember that, too. Because in your last talk for conference I heard you say “I testify to you that we are all in this together...” I may not be very big yet, but I know that if Jesus wants the Prophet to teach us that “We are all in this together” Then we'd better do everything we can to help each other do what's right, because, After all, We are all in this together.
Love, Chance

Well, what do you do when your almost four year old son want's to write a letter to the prophet?

You write the letter, I guess.


Felicia said...

I felt inspired to a letter to Pres. Hinckley about three years ago, and I was amazed at how easy it was to get the address. I called the church office building and asked...and they gave it to me.

I definitely think you should send it.

Julie Harward said...

That brought tears to my eyes Cathy..so sweet! How I love little children, makes me think of Tiff's Caleb and how he thought the picture of Greg Olsen's of the little boy walking with Jesus was him. You had better send that letter mom...I think you are going to have a thrilling time keeping up with your children as they do the leading at times. Thanks for sharing that, loved it!