Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I don't hunt.........yet.

Saturday we woke up just before the first rays of the sun had begun to show from behind Thousand Lake Mountain. yeah, It was still dark and we were on the move. I had awakened with a start, realizing that this was the day that, well.........the boys had been anticipating since the long white envelope had appeared in the mail containing the deer tag.(I use singular because Bradens the only one with a tag this year) I jumped from my bed, paying no heed to the warm comfort of my nice, snugly warm blankets, and rushed to the kitchen to begin making Lunches fit for hunters. I pulled all the makings of a ham and cheese sand which from the fridge.I spread 16 pieces of bread across the counter top and began slapping on the Mayo,
Then the cheese and last of all the meat, I threw on the top piece of bread cut the sandwiches in half bagged them, Gathered up the extravagant amount of treats and goodies that had been purchased the night before,and sent my four boys on their way. They were gone until about 4:00 PM with the report that they hadn't even seen a single deer. Sigh.... They saw PLENTY of hunters though.So, about an hour before dark The whole family loaded up into the pick-up and we headed out into the mountains again. we saw plenty of does this time but no bucks. Braden decided that he should climb up asmall hill,walk across in search of the bucks and meet us on the other side. He had to have someone go with him so I volunteered.

We walked up on top and about halfway across,having seen no deer I decided to get in to this whole hunting thing. I borrowed Bradens hat and took the gun from him.

So......Now you know why I don't hunt.......Yet.
I just get way to into it.


Adams Family said...

Wow! LOL

Julie Harward said...

Very funny..that snarl..yeah, you need that too! (I never got into it cause I have a too tender heart, could never shoot one!) Come say hi :D

Suz said...

I think you look great. I grew up hunting. My Daddy used to send me across the revines to spook out the deer, while he sat across the way drinking a nice warm cup of coffee. I hated it, but now I miss it, and my Daddy.

So I marry a guy that doesn't have a speck of hunting blood in him. I have taught the boy how to gut fish. Crazy huh!

Good luck hunting!



Boy Mom said...

Ummm, I'm scared!

I LOVE YOU said...