Friday, October 30, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

We had to go up North yesterday. So we thought we'd get a little shopping in. It would probably be a lot easier to do shopping without a four year old and a one year old, but what do you do if your going to be gone all day.

So, there we are in shop-ko filling a prescription with Chance running all over looking at all the different things. (this is slightly more exagerated in children from a town where the only store is a small grocery store) After about the bazillionth time of Us calling him back and Chance hollering out

"But, Mom I have to show you something!" Or

"Dad,come here I gotta show you this"

I'd had it and Said in a somewhat agitated voice something like this:
"Chance, You get back here right now We've gotta go get Dad."

His response was, yet again,

"But Mom, I gotta show you something."

"Chance, No! you get back here now, I'm staying right here." I said, trying not to yell and embarass myself to badly.

His Response, with no hesitation at all:

"Well,.....Then I'm gonna go show myself something"

and off he skips to the DVD section.

SIGH.......SIGH.......sigh.....and sigh


Idaho Beagleys said...

ohhhh, these cute kids...not fair they have a mind to think out loud for themselves. CUTE!

Adams Family said...

It's cute when you hear other peoples kids doing that but I made a resolve today at Walmart that Hyrum is not allowed out of the basket again until he is at least 5.

Boy Mom said...

Classic Chancee, Classic!