Monday, October 26, 2009

Chancee's Birthday, Hunting, and Jak-o-Lanterns

Chance was born during a busy time of year. But we managed to squeeze him in. He was born on the 21st but he was due on the 31st of October. Chance wanted a Thomas cake
Braden hunted 4 days before Chance's birthday, Chance's birthday, and 3 days after.

It took him all week, but.....

He finally got a little two point

And then tonight we carved pumpkins
first we designed them

then we cleaned out the insides

we chose

Then we waited for dad to light them

and VOILA!!!

This is only a few of the many activities that go on during October. I just haven't gotten pictures of all the other activities.


Julie Harward said...

Did you have a choice as to when you squeezed Chance in?! LOL Yea for the first buck, hard work too but worth it! I love the family night of pumpkin carving and they look so pretty all lite up! Fun fun fun!
come say hi :D

Adams Family said...

Did you grow the pumpkins yourself? Looks like fun.

Suz said...

I have been watching for the hunt finally. Way to go Braiden.

Happy Birthday Chance.

Happy Haunting!! So how does it work in the small town of Loa.
Do you have a big trunk or treat at the church house? I guess if you walked the town you'd work of some of the candy calories. LOL



Boy Mom said...

Woo hoo Braden!

Great Pumpkins!