Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working Ranch Horse and Cowboy Poetry Competition

I would have to say(as a mother) that I'm extremely pleased with the experience we had last Saturday. No The boys didn't win, but they had a good time. They took 11th and 14th and learned what this kind of a competition is all about. They're thinking next year they'll do better.
I just have to throw in the thing that amazed me the most. We were competing against mostly just regular kids but there are always the kids that spend all kinds of time training for these competitions on horses that have been doing them as well for as long if not longer then the kids themselves. Well our horses have never been trained for this kind of competition at all except for the real work that they do during the summer working the cows on the mountain.
I was somewhat nervous about the reaction Bradens colt would have to the 60 plus horses in an indoor arena. Both Braden and Sammy, Braden's colt, did amazing. I can't say for sure but I'd bet money that Braden was the only kid there that was riding a horse that he'd broken himself. In fact, nobody else has ever even ridden Sammy. I'd also bet that Sammy was the youngest horse there. He's only three.
And then I have to brag just a bit about Caib, too. I accidentally signed the kid up for the wrong age group. He was the youngest kid in the competition and I'll bet not one person even knew it. It'll be funner next year with a little experience behind us. Here's some pictures. Caib coiling his rope after a head throw.

Braden in the sorting pens

Braden on Sammy as he rides his pattern

Waiting their turn

And then there was the cowboy poetry competition. Chance was in the peewee division. They didn't judge the Peewees.
Caib won the Junior division and Braden took second in the intermediate division.
I'll tell ya though, I was sure glad when we were finished and on our way home. That was an, awfully, long day for a one year old and her mother.


Adams Family said...

Once again, I wish I lived closer so I could come to some of these things. But my allergies go whacko at those things anyway. Tell the boys, "way to go!" They always amaze me.

Julie Harward said...

I'll bet it was a long day for Mom and the 1 yr. old...bless your heart! One of these days, those boys are going to be winning it all! (The little guy looks so cute..I'd have given him a big treat for that! )
Come say hi :D

Suz said...

Hey Cathy I love your blog. The kids are growing up so fast. I have been reading a blog by another gal much like you. check it out http://thepioneerwoman.com/

If that link doesn't work it is on my blog roll. I am bummed we didn't get ot come on down this week for fall break. Miah's LITTLE break changed our plans. I hope all is well.



Boy Mom said...

I took a basic equestrian class in college. We did a little barrel racing just to get the feeling of riding cemented into our city brains. I loved it, I actually thought about being a barrel racer before I settled on Jazz singer.