Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doesn't Matter

The sun peeks over the mountain 
and fills the earth with light
Waking up the little ones
who slept on the tramp last night

They scurry in to mother
who's slept right through the dawn
They're looking for a heat source
to put they're cold feet upon.

But one little munchkin,s still sleeping
 the sun beating down it's heat
the whole world is up and going
I guess she just don't get cold feet.

This is one of those kids that could sleep through an earthquake.  Nothing wakes her up until she's good and ready to wake.  even the subtle enticing of a warm sun.  


Adams Family said...

Love it. It is almost a tender even though it is funny.

Jenny said...

Sheehs! I could take a lesson or two from her about sleeping with sun shining straight on you. :) Love the poem.

MJ Davis said...

Oh, to be young again!