Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rebellious Children..".Never say Never"

My sister in law and I get up and go walking in the mornings.  In doing so I usually have to leave my two youngest home by themselves because my oldest daughter loves to go with us.  I don't have to much of a problem with that because we usually only walk for half an hour or so...never more then an hour.  I'll usually turn on PBS and let them sit in a stupor watching environmentally friendly shi......stuff or Super Why where they learn that everyone is a wonderful ooey gooey winner and there is no adversary we all just live in love and peace!!!   ah sigh!

AnyWAY one morning I grabbed the two way radios and left one in Chance's possession while I kept the other. We had a wonderful walk with every five minutes broken by the sweet sound of a young boy declaring his love to his mother...who in turn kept telling her son to "PLEASE go in the house and watch T.V."  "But, we don't want to watch T.V.!!"  "Please Chance just take your sister in the house and watch T.V."
"But we just want to play outside"
"I know but if you get hurt I won't be there to kiss it better, please just go watch T.V."
We won't get hurt Mom we're just playing on the rope swing."
"No really Chance I think you'd better go in and watch T.V.  PLEASE"
I guess if I kept him busy talking he was pretty safe.  My sister in law finally pointed out that I really should be quite proud of myself for having kids that refused to watch TV.

This week we have been torn between a few options for celebrating the fourth of July We could go up North to a pool party we could go camping with just our family, we could have a big barbecue here at home or we could jut ignore the holiday altogether.  We finally had the decision made for us when Chance began fevering last night and is still running a fairly high temperature tonight.  We are just going to have a barbecue here and try to get him better.  This has me a bit concerned because there's quite a bit of farming still going on and I worry that Roger will get busy and try to get so much done that he won't come home until 9:30 or 10:00 Pm and then try to celebrate with tired onery children  It never really does work to well with us staying here soooo I proceeded to give Braden a run down of my concerns about his Dad, him and Caib not quitting long enough to come home and spend an hour or two with the family. His response;
"But Mom, I really kind a like to work."

The funny thing is he's been hauling rock all day long....I thought that maybe he'd be excited about the thought of getting a little break Cause there are a WHOLE BUNCH of rocks that have to be hauled off this new chunk of ground.

I guess I should have never told myself that I wouldn't have rebellious children ;)


Adams Family said...

You hand those boys some matches and tell them to get off their high horses and sit down and light some fireworks.

Jenny said...

Well, I'm glad they're at least rebelling in some area. ;) I loved your description of those TV shows.