Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oakee Doakee's Birthday

Happy Birthday Oaklee!!!! Four years old  Two days ago Little Oaklee started fevering.  We all knew what she had, Aubree and Chance had each, in turn, gone through this very thing.  But Oaklee was determined she was going to be better for her birthday.  She mostly is.  This morning I peeked in her room and she was laying in bed with her eyes open.  I walked in and sat on the edge of her bed:
"Good morning, Oakee," I say " It's your Birthday...remember?"
She looks at me for a minute and then says quietly, "Mom, How many am I?"
"You're four years old!!" says I in a very important and grown up way."  Oaklee squirms excitedly into my lap and squeezes me.
We hurry and opened presents so dad could leave for work.  This one was the biggest hit!! She's already ridden it around the kitchen.....a LOT, been up and down the street a dozen times to the park on a picnic and begged me to let her ride it to the store and Grandma's house.  I then spent a portion of the day whipping up a castle cake that she wanted
                       It'll have to do.....She's perfectly happy with it.

It seems like Oaklee has grown up a lot in this last year.  She's turned into a little girl instead of a toddler..I love this age, this imagination this sweet little girl who is so determined and happy and who loves her family so much.  I love to see her with her older brothers They take such good care of her.  Aubree and her are best friends and she and Chance live in a world of their own creation most of the time and I'm not sure any of the rest of us will ever get to visit it.  We sure love Oaklee and we're glad she's feeling better for her birthday.  


Jenny said...

She's so cute! That cake is awesome! It looks very complicated.

Happy Birthday to Oaklee!

Adams Family said...

I thought you would never make fancy cakes for your kids birthday. It is kind of fun though, isn't it, even if they turn out weird...I mean really cute? Anyway, happy Birthday Oaklee. We love you too.

Suzie Irvine said...

Happy Birthday Oaklee! You are most definitely a princess!

I was just down that way for our anniversary. I was planning on stopping by to visit the aquarium, but I didn't see any billboards for it!

Ha we had to stay at the ritzy Aquarius Inn in Bicknell, that is the closest I got to an aquarium.