Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chancee's Chattering

Chance approached me the other day and told me his plan for the large Loa Metroplolis area we have here.

"I am going to build a giant aquarium in Loa when I'm big!! As big as two sky scrapers.  But it's going to be deep in the ground so it'll probably look short."  

"Really"  Says I.

"Yep, and it's going to have dolphins and killer whales and sting rays and...."

"Well, I'm going to live in Loa, too" says Oaklee not wanting to be out done.  

"Well Oaklee you probably will need to live where ever your husband has work."  I say, trying to help
her understand that she may not always live in Loa.

 But then again.......

Chance pipes up.  "Well,  I'll just hire her husband to run my aquarium"

So that problem is solved.. BIG sigh.


Adams Family said...

Sometimes I think that kids could solve all of the worlds problems.

Boy Mom said...

Aren't Capital Reef and Goblin Valley part of an ancient sea bed? Just add salt water and Oaklee's husband to run it all.

I love that it will be as tall as two sky scrapers but will look short because it will be so deep.

Jenny said...

The underground thing is probably smart for an aquarium...but I wouldn't want to dig the hole!

Suz said...

Oh, I am definitely coming to the Loa Aquarium.
If Chance digs the foundation deep enough he just might strike water!