Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just because.....

I wasn't planning on sewing when I got up yesterday.  I just did.  I made two skirts out of some stretchy material that my Mom gave me. It's hard to tell from the pictures but they look like they're pleated because of the materials pattern  I wasn't planning on sewing when I got up this morning but I looked at the skirts and thought they wouild look cute with a little vest to go with them.  Unfortuneately I had no pattern for that so I made one up from a little sweater pull over vest Oaklee had.  It turned out a bit to short for her so when I made Aubree's I lengthened it even more and made it a little more fitted.

 putting them into perspective.  Thanks Oaklee =)
 Modeling: a side view
 Back view
Both my sweet little models

 Oh,  and I made cookies.  I only mention this because when my two boys came in for a quick dinner after building fence all day, they grabbed a few on their way out to change sprinklers and plant potatoes.  They left.  Then they came back in and grabbed a few more.  
"Hey, Mom,"  says Braden, "You should always make these kind of Cookies.  "Oh how sweet," I think  "What good boys They must really love my baking.  sigh"  Then he grins and says,  "We can't tell if you burned them or not."  

"Oh hey, yeah," say's I, I mean after all if they came all the way back in the house to grab seconds and tease me, I know that's just his way of saying  "WOW!! these cookies are GREAT!!"

Thanks Braden  I believe I'll look into a years supply of Hershey's special dark cocoa.


real-life said...

Love the outfits. They are dang cute. And the print is way cute! Why doesn't Momma have any of that cute stuff in her room up here. Oh probably because I'd raid her room then.

Techno Grandma said...

Cathy did get the fabric from my room up here and I thought she was nuts for choosing it. Shows you what I know.

Come over any time, real-life, and see what else I have no idea of how to use.

The outfits ARE really cute!

smadamom said...

Cute, and wow is Braden starting to get funny.

Suz said...

Cute models, the outfits are so stylish. I am impressed. If I had attempted that your boys would have thought there were potatoes in them. I am not a seamstress. The cookies look delicious, I love me some dark cocoa.



Jenny said...

The outfits are cute! I like the material. I love how model-y the girls are. ;)

Mmmm, chocolate chocolate chip cookies!