Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Pride Damaged

Do you ever feel Like Life is zipping by and you're just hanging on as tight as you can so you don't get left behind?

That's right......  I kinda feel just like this...sometimes, so I grabbed the camera and headed out to snap some pictures so I wouldn't miss it.

 Braden's been working with this little Bay filly
He's pretty good with her.  But, then again it isn't the first horse he's broke.  Every now and then I grab my camera and go out to see if I can get some good shot's of my cowboys.
I have a secret ambition to get some amazing action shot's of my boy's.  
My pride was damaged yesterday.. I've always thought with the right camera I could be an amazing Photographer.......Uh  Not so.

I snapped this one just before the horse got a bit irritated and rared up with Braden  I was so worried about Braden staying in the saddle that I just stood there with gritted teeth and silently prayed.  I could have had some awesome pictures.  With Braden staying put.  GRRRRRR.  That wasn't the end of it.....

The Horsed once again decided she didn't want to turn for him and decided to balk.  in doing so she lost her footing and Braden professionally stepped out of the saddle when she fell over and rolled herself up against the fence and got stuck.  It's kind of scary when an animal as big as a horse get's into a predicament like that.  We hollered at Caib and he came out.  Braden took off the saddle and they pushed her over and she stood up.  She was a bit shaky but Braden re-saddled her and climbed back on. 

Yeah,  so how do you like my excellent Photo of the whole thing?  I was so busy truing to help, that the camera was the last thing on my mind.  sigh  I guess I'm not meant to be a great Photographer after all.

It's just that I really thought I could be.

By the way....I was REALLY proud of Braden  He Never said one cuss word because his mother was standing there  though he threatened to,  A LOT!! 


Adams Family said...

You're a great photographer it is just that you are a better mother.

Jenny said...

Oh boy. I would have been swearing up a storm. I'm impressed you both kept your cool. And, hey, at least you had a camera there. I wouldnt have even done that.