Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Job Shadow

O.K. first off, When the kids have an assignment in school to pick a job and find somebody who does that job and ask them if you can follow them around for a day. You have to take into consideration the age of the kids, the job opportunities that are available in the area that your in, and how many of the kids will actually really put some thought into the assignment instead of waiting till the last minute, say like 10:00 pm the night before the assignment is due or at least the part where they have to get permission papers signed from the person they have chosen to shadow.

So Now we have two options left...either go with dad to work, which the kids have been strongly counseled to avoid at all costs unless approved by the mentor. or call your nearest relative and pray that they won't mind having a pesky 8th grader following them around all day. especially when their seasonal job is petering out for the season. Luckily Uncle Mike didn't mind and even though his client didn't connect with them Caib learned all about how to be a fishing guide......Sort of.

Or at least a client.


Suz said...

Long time eh?

Hey I would of gone with that job shadow also!



Jenny said...

Ah, that was nice of Mike. Of course, he'll take any excuse to go fishing so...;) That's a pretty area. How come I never see the pretty places around there?!

Techno Grandma said...

sounds like Caib is smarter than the teacher when he can finagle a missed day of school to go fishing and get credit for it.