Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall colors on the mountain

It's always amazing to drive up on the mountains this time of year. We always try to make at least one trip as a family to see the fall colors. Funny how each year though we've seen it the year before, brings new awe and a renewed feeling of contentment. At least that's the feeling I get in the Autumn time. So After Conference on Sunday, We all piled into the pick up with a bag of apples and some left over cowboy mix from yesterdays activity, bringing the lambs home. And we headed south towards Antelope spring.After driving by many groves of color
The first thing I did was make Roger stop for an annual kids photo shoot. This looked like a likely place. =)

I proceed to snap shot's while Roger danced behind me to get some smiles out of EVERYONE!!

Caib HATES pictures, He was trying extremely hard to be a good sport.

Sure makes it easier to try to get a good shot.

So I finish up with that shot spot and realize that Chance had his hood on the whole time. I make him take it off and snap one more of these two (Chance without his hood on) and threaten Chance with.....nothing serious, If he EVER leaves his hood on during another stop.

Notice, No hood. Caps are O.K. that's just who they are.

Dad, still in the back of me doing.....who knows what.

One other thing I love, probably most of all about Autumn time... The sky.

After pictures we gathered beautiful fall leaves of mostly yellow, but there were some red and orange leaves thrown in.

And of course we stopped numerous times to throw rocks into the ponds.

Even the older boys

Still love to throw rocks or skip them=)

We made it to Antelope Spring.
But, what is so intriguing?

Ah, As we got out to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the place. The boy's noticed the dew on the Quaky leaves.

Survival mode kicks in and yes, we all had to tate the dew and comment on how refreshing it was. Especially since we'd been in the mountains for day's with nothing but the clothes on our backs and no water within.......oh wait we just threw rocks into a whole pond of water.....hmmmmm!!!

And so the sun set on aother wonderful day and we headed home to begin another week of toil mingled with laughter, occaisional complaints about homework, and State baseball!


Adams Family said...

You would think that you guys would see so much scenery just living life, herding, etc. that a drive wouldn't be needed and yet nature never seems to displease.

Adams Family said...

Oh, and Caib on the tree is my favorite.

Boy Mom said...

Love your autumn color pictures... and all the posts going back for two months. I always love reading your blog even if I don't comment.

Absolutely loved the pictures of the little girl next door and Chance and the poem.

Jenny said...

It's so pretty! I love that picture of Caib he look a lot like you especially in that one.