Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Chance.

Our family tradition............First thing in the morning we open presents. Dad loves giving presents and first thing in the is the only time he get's to be around to watch the excitement.Bradens so excited he can hardly stand it.
The opening begins. Notice the pretty pink wrapping paper? That's all I had. Chance didn't care.


The excited expression or....Wow expression

The thing he wanted more then anything Indiana Jones Hat!!

So the present opening is done and the day unfolds as a fairly normal day.......except we happen to have our very own party chairman in this family and she took control again. We always have a blast when she does!! Today was no exception.

After all the work for the day is done Dad came to get Chance so that we could prepare.

Chance and Dad coming home from the store with snacks for a big day of hunting tomorrow. Chance's reaction to our jumping out in the dark with the candles lit on his cake and yelling "SURPRISE!!!"

The Cake!! Yes it's a Ghost. That's what Chance wanted.

What games do you play at a birthday party for a kid that was born on the opening day of the dear hunt? PIN THE NOSE ON THE CLOWN? NOPE.

This is our very own party Chairman Playing Shoot the nose on the clown.
Aubree celebrating after she finally figured out how to work the bow and arrow.

Caib taking his turn. He may be too old for pin the nose on the clown but....Shoot the nose on the clown!! Now that's FUN!!

Braden won. He's number seven

I think we had another Great Birthday!! Chance sure enjoyed the day.......and the cake!!

Happy Birthday Chance!!

I love your excitement for life I love your funny comments and mostly I love, Love, LOVE how you are so full of Love.

All day long Whenever Chance came into the same room as me he would sigh and say, "Mom, you're the best Mom ever. I love you!"
The best thing about that is.....He does that ever day of his life at least once a day, but usually a Bazzillion times a day=)


Cheyenne said...

Happy Birthday to Chance! You guys are so great with your games-that's a hoot!

I just love your house, too!

Boy Mom said...

Chance, I love you! You're the best Chance EVER! And I love your moms stories about you.


real-life said...

Now I think I could handle that kind of pin the tail on the clown. Way to go Aubrey! Happy Birthday Chance!!!

Suz said...

Happy Birthday Chance!

Awesome ghost cake.

I love the love!!!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Chance!