Saturday, October 15, 2011

Childhood Fun

My little Oak Tree in all its splendor. With a beautiful Autumn sky in the back ground.

Enjoying a gift all year long.

There's nothing quite as cute as the face of a child with pure delight on their face.

The Oak tree in the pictures is the gift I'm referring too. It was a mothers day/ birthday present for me.

But, since it is an Oak tree. Oaklee is determined that it's her tree.


real-life said...

I totally just took pictures of my kids having airplane rides. I just am slow posting, as normal. Those are my favorite pictues though with the bright blue sky in the back and the big beautiful smiles on the faces! Very cute!

Adams Family said...


Jenny said...

Wow, this looks like some photo shoot for a fall clothes catalogue! Fancy!

Boy Mom said...

Very cute, love the airplane pictures!