Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Herd, a Princess, and the Book

Ah...pictured here are 6 of our 8 purebred Australian shepherd puppies. Soo cute!! least I think so.

I think this is cute, too.
October first was Bradens birthday. I was busy bottling plumb and boysenberry jam, so when I was at the store getting a few necessary items and Oaklee asked me if she could buy this crown and earrings for a dollar, I decided it might just last long enough for me to finish what I was doing. I told her sure, she could get it. when we got back out to the pick up I said to her...."Hey, It's Bradens birthday not yours." She looked up at me and said " I give this to Bwaden for his birfday"
"are you sure," says I "because I know he'll really love it, or do you want me to open it for you?" she looked at it longingly for a minute and then said to me,
"No, It's for Bwaden"
I say as we pull out on to main street and head for home. We arrived 30 seconds later and she hands me the package with the crown and the earrings and says.
"Maybe you can open it for Bwaden wight now."
"OK" I say with a hidden smile.
"I don't think braden will mind if you play with it for a little while."
I was wrong.....It only lasted long enough for me to take a couple of pictures of her. I was so hoping I could have gotten a picture of Braden, too. sigh.
Crown and earings.................$1.06
conversation with my three year old.....................priceless

The Book!
It came in the mail today. it ended up costing Misty and I each 19.00.


It's Priceless!!


real-life said...

Oh that's awesome that you put it into a book! Definitely worth the money. Someday I am going to make one of those for somebody (maybe me).

Jenny said...

I'm glad you did the book. It's an incredibly cute poem and pictures.