Monday, May 25, 2009

I Wonder....

Sunday evening before Memorial day we drove out to the cemetary to put flowers, pinecones, Moose, and Winter Fat in a rusty tin can on Grandpas grave. Things like that can't help but cause you to think about the Plan of Salvation and reflect upon the Good Shepherd.

As we were driving home from the cemetary we took the long way home past the creek and Big Rocks. But, before we got to Big Rocks Roger saw an old ewe down by the creek. He slowed down and asked the boy's if they could tell who she belonged to.(I think he already new she was ours) They couldn't tell so he stopped the pick up and they piled out and walked down closer to the creek to see if they could see her brand. Unfortuneately she got spooked and tried to jump the creek and got stuck in the mud. The boy's climbed back into the pick up. while Roger was cussing the boy's for spooking her one of the kids asked why she would jump the creek any way. Roger's response: " Because she's stupid" Luckily we had a piece of rope in the tool box that wasn't a lariat, but would work to try to rope her and pull her out. So he threw once, then again, then again......
Then again, then again, then again

Then Both Braden and Caib tried throwing it. The dang rope just wasn't a lariat.

So Braden walked down to where he could jump the creek and walked back up and put the rope around her.

Roger pulls her out.

moves her to higher ground and ties her up so he can come back and haul her home.
O.K. back to reflections, and the reason the old ewe wasn't with the rest of the herd. They took the sheep out a few days ago and this old ewe just couldn't stay with the herd so they left her on the trail with the plan to come back and haul her out later. when they got back to where they'd left her she was gone. Knowing she'd show up they didn't worry to much about her.
Do you ever get the feeling that the "Good shepherd" knew what he was talking about when he referred to us as sheep? And I wonder if His comments are ever, after someone asks "Why did she do that", because she's stupid.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be negative or anything. But, reflectively, I really have done some pretty stupid things over the years. I'm just hoping that I keep getting roped out, pulled to higher ground, and tied up so that I can be brought back to the herd and safety no matter how much it might seem to hurt or however "stupid" I might have been.

luckily I had my camera with me for a, almost, play by play story.


Jenny said...

I'm quite sure that's exactly what Heavenly Father says every time my future kids ask why I'm still not married.

Boy Mom said...

Good thing Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. He sure loves a lot of stupid sheep.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Sorry that was me (Stephanie), i had a typo...two things. First, that was great insight. Second, thank you for the cute baby dresses.