Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

How is it that one fairly annoying but not to difficult task can make you feel as if life is full of vision? That suddenly all the drab winter blues were, really, not that bad and life is on the up 'n up? It amazes me that the things I put off the most are things that give me the most, well....sense of accomplishment and that little extra kick saying, "You're gonna make it!".

Alright It's not THAT big a deal. all I did was wash windows but.... WOW! I feel soooo Good!

AND, We finally got the irrigation water turned on so everything is slowly starting to green up. It's hard to tell from the picture that things are green but you can see the sprinklers are on. If you look closely.

I can't help it I love new beginnings, A.K.A. Spring(the A.K.A. is Bradens new thing.)


Techno Grandma said...

My yards looking great and I've been making arrangements to come down on the 24th and stay for a while. Yaaaah!!!

Cowboy mom said...

That'll be great! School gets out on the 22nd so We'll be maybe a little lazy but I'll be working on Gardens etc. then, too.

Boy Mom said...

Ahh, the joys of a project that only you really notice. I love cleaning my fridge. Something about that and organizing drawers and closets leaves me feeling like a new person.

A.K.A. Funny! My boys are into "air quotes!"