Monday, May 18, 2009

The day the Cows go out.

There's excitement in the morning and kids are up at 6:00 AM This is one of the best days of the year. You can see it in the grin.

He get's to ride his colt

Saddling up aint always pleasant.

Loading up the horses

Tending to last minute items

To young to go first thing in the morning

Is unbearable.
Don't worry we'll go out a little later and he'll get to ride "his Duke" and help dad like the big boys.

The Day The Cows Go Out
The morning air is damp, and there is dew upon the ground,
But I can still see dust and I can hear a pleasing sound.
My cowboys woke up early they got dressed and rushed away,
While they grabbed their spurs and saddles and lunches for the day.
And somewhere in the scurry from their beds and out the door,
They still had time to thank me like they’ve always done before.
The pleasing sound is of cowboys as they begin the day
A whooping and a shoutin’ contrasting mothers as they pray,
That their cowboys won’t be trampled, that their horses stay serene.
It’s a comfort to the mothers, their prayers are just routine.
Before the morning sun begins to raise his dazzling head,
Over the hills and mountains getting dudes out of their bed,
My boys are on their horses and the cows are raising dust.
They’re causing such a ruckus you’d think the fences just might bust.
But they finally get ‘em gathered and out an open gate
And are heading to the mountain ‘s where the cows congregate.
The cows will settle down some as they hit the open trail,
And it seems that’s when the cowboys can finally exhale.
It’s something to look forward to, the day the cows go out.
And the sound of working cowboys in the distance as they shout.

This is the poem I wrote last year on the day the cow went out. I posted it then but I thought it was definately appropriate again.


Felicia said...

I love reading your poems :o)

I've always wanted to write one for Todd about his work on the ranch, but I have no idea where to start.

Julie Harward said...

Loved your handsome boys...loved you poem..just love you, you are an awesome person and Mom, they are all blessed to have you!

DrGooch said...

You spin a fabulous tale. Those kids of yourn are the among the luckiest alive...