Monday, June 1, 2009


Yes it's June and yes I'm barely getting my garden planted. We live at 7000 feet It doesn't do much good to plant much earlier, but it sure seems like I'm always the last person on earth to get my garden going. And just for your information, every garden I've ever planted in June has always done extremely well.

Now, here's another little bit of information for all you animal rights activist. I'm targeting you because I know how you feel about doing any sort of experimenting on animals. Well, here's a chance to rescue some poor unfortunate little Lab Rats. At least as far as we can tell that's what they are. I guess you'll just have to take our word for it. There are only two of them. The other two are Rat Healers. We might continue our experimenting with those two just to see if they really will heel rat's or if they'll just hunt them like there mom. sigh..... Does any one out there want a puppy? They're really cute.

Four weeks ago the strays in the neighborhood were labs and healers. The mother is a rat terrier.


Adams Family said...

I'd still list them on KSl for 50.00 or so because they are really cute.

DrGooch said...

It is so very tempting... so very very tempting.

Julie Harward said...

The garden: your timing is just right for here...The pup's: oh SO cut, I think the healer won out!! :D