Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ultimate Faith in a Horse

First WARNING sign: Someone gives you a horse. Second WARNING sign: the only one that has ever worked with this two year old horse is an 8-9 year old girl.

Two days ago Roger called and asked the boys to go down to Shannon's house, about a half a mile away, and get Sugar and bring her down to our house. He told the boys to saddle up Duke and ride him up to get her. The boy's hadn't registered that last little bit of information about using Duke to help so they headed up to Shannon's. When they got there they realized they'd forgotten a halter and lead rope. So, home they came to get the lead rope and headed back up. By this time they were frustrated tired and started fighting, so Caib grabbed a halter and headed back up by himself.
Too many minutes later I figured I'd better run up and see what was taking Caib so long. I got to Shannon's and found Caib standing by a haystack watching Sugar eat hay and trying to get a hold of her lead rope. Apparently Sugar was determined to stay with the other horses. I caught Sugars lead rope and managed to get her out of the haystack, away from the other horses and down the road aways before she stepped on the edge of my foot ripped my shoe and started pulling back. She finally got free and Caib and I put her in a corral and came home. Dang horse(see warning signs).

Braden isn't about to give up on this horse. He's gone out and saddled her and worked with her to try to get through to her, break her, gentle her, whatever you want to call it. He loves animals, Especially horses and dogs.

So...... this morning Braden and Caib come in and ask if they can take Sugar on a walk around the block. Now remember, I know how this horse acts when she's being separated from other horses, so I say: " O.K., But be CAREFUL!!" Braden says "We will Be." Caib says "Mom, We'll be fine!" and then under his breath as they turn to walk away. "I hope."(remember he was with me and had seen Sugar balk) Then I hear Braden say. "Caib, you don't say that!"

Isn't it funny how Moms can tell what there kids mean when there could be all kinds of meaning behind one little statement. Braden was exercising all the faith he could in this horse. and he didn't want any doubt or fear to get in the way of his teaching it to trust humans.

He couldn't have cared less about my worrying over their safety. Sigh......I guess he figures that's a given.

They saddled her, warmed her up, and took her on her walk with out any problems at all. I guess that is the result of Braden's ultimate faith in horses.

Isn't she a pretty little thing.


Techno Grandma said...

If anyone can manage her it would be Braden!!

Julie Harward said...

Horses are so good for kids, and kids seem to have a way with horses! I just did a post on horses too, great minds think alike :D

Steph said...

That is pretty impressive. Can't wait to see you guys!