Friday, March 28, 2008

K, here they are my new little additions to the "homestead" This is for all you city dwellers who really really wish you could raise chickens and such. Yes there are only eight of them. But, there have been years where I had 25-30 Chicks and then ended up with so many eggs that I actually contemplated buying a new refrigerator just to put my eggs in. I think eight eggs a day is plenty That is if all these cute little chicks are female. They are supposed to be, but you never know.

I figured that I could put up with these little ones if there ever is a shortage on eggs. or say the prices go up to oh, I don't know, $5.00 a dozen or worse just because of the price of corn. Are any of the rest of you out there getting a little concerned about the shortage of wheat and other grains or am I just slightly paranoid. (which is entirely possible) of course, you have to remember I happen to be pretty close to it. WE RAISE COWS. All the prices are affected by whats happening don't be surprised when beef prices sky rocket, too.

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