Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aubree's story

I salvaged this mirror off of an old headboard and told Aubree we'd put it in her room. She was very excited about having a "magic mirror" in her bedroom. So while I painted it white to match her bedroom. She told me a story about her magic mirror. It went something like this.

Once there was a girl who lived with her Mom. She had to go to the lagoon one day to get something from the water. Now to get to the lagoon she had to travel through the woods that were by her house and on her way home she became lost in the woods. She was really scared and she even had to sleep in the woods. But after a long time she found a mirror hanging on a tree. She new immediately that it was the magic mirror that had been lost from her village and so she took it down and asked it to help her find her way home. The magic mirror showed her how to get home and when she went into her village which was called Acne yeah that's it Acne. Then all the people in the village began calling her the princess of Acne. and she lived happily ever after.

Now, I ask you. as a mother. How am I supposed to keep a straight face, sigh and tell her how lovely her story is?

Well, I couldn't so I had to explain to a five year old princess why I was laughing at her story instead of sighing dreamily (as she was). She actually took it really well and laughed at herself as she spent another five to ten minutes trying to come up with a more suitable name for the village in her story. I'm sure she came up with a much better name But.....alas I can not remember (for the life of me) what it was. and shall never forget the story of the princess of Acne.


Amy said...

Cool shot on that picture, the story is cute, and an active imagination is a sign of intelligence (did I spell that right).


Boy Mom said...

The princess of acne...I see a new Princess Barbie in the future.