Friday, March 7, 2008

A cowboy’s a cowboy.

Saddle sores and whooping.
Pushing cows around.
Combing half the country side
‘till all the strays are found.

Broken Reins and cinch straps,
Bailing twine and wire.
Mending in the evenings
‘round a warm camp fire.

Hobbling the horses
So they don’t stray at night.
Going to bed early,
Then rising at first light.

Back into the saddle
In the cool of the morn.
Dirty shirts and wranglers
Sweaty and reworn

The sun is getting hotter
There’s dust and sweat and flies
These are things a cowboy
Deals with till he dies.

I guess since I’m a cowboy
Dealing just makes sense
Cause I’d hate to think I 's straddling
An old rusty barbed wire fence.

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