Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter is Coming

Aubree was insisting that this year she needs a new Easter basket.

"I can't find my old one!!!!" She whines and whines and whines.

"O.K.! O.K.!! O.K.!!!! Fine, we'll look for one when I go Easter shopping" I tell her Which gives me ten minutes of peaceful silence as she plays for a few minutes and then starts in again.

"Mom I think I want a pink one but purples would be O.K. I guess but I really want pink because pink is my favorite. I really really need one mom, can't we just go get one at the store here? Please mom I don't think I can wait that long. Besides my one from last year is lost and I don't know where it is."

Sigh!!! now just hit replay over and over and you'll understand why I finally ran to the store yesterday and bought some balloons ($2.00), kite string($.99), and some Elmer's glue($.20 I bought it at the back to school sales last fall.) and came home and spent the next 2 hours with watered down glue dripping from my hands as I wrapped the soaked kite string around the balloons. Oh sure Aubree helped for about the usual 10 minutes But Braden and Caib both decided that they wanted one as well so for two more hours today With a little more help from the boys (but not much) I did two more only this time we put a drop or two of food coloring in the glue. One was yellow one was green. So you can imagine the color my fingers now are.

Now don't sit there shaking your heads at my stupidity. I know perfectly well that I can go out and buy three nice little plastic Easter baskets for less then $3.19 but I was whined into it. Give me a break. Besides now I can claim that I'm a great mom. and that's probably worth at least $3.19.

By the way for all of you out there wondering if I'm showing yet. There you go. I feel like an Elephant. in fact I measured large at my last check up and as much as this baby moves I've decided I'm going to talk myself into thinking that I'm having twins so that when I do have just one baby it'll feel like a piece of cake.

Oh and guess what. Yesterday I went to a yard sale. It was one that was being held to benefit a family in our community that just found out that there little 2 year old daughter has a cancerous tumour in her stomach the size of her fathers fist.(sad) and I bid on a 12 foot aluminum row boat.

Yeah!!! I won the bid. of course it doesn't have any oars to go with it but I figured I could find some pretty easily. Roger just shook his head and said you should of just given them the money. He doesn't love the water as much as I do. You should have seen how anxious Braden and Caib were. they kept running down the block to the yard sale to make sure no one out bid me. Boy were they excited. It was fun!!!

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Boy Mom said...

Ahh, you're such a great mom. hope the easter baskets turn out well they look cute. Don't you think it's easier when they don't help?