Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seperate Ways

There We were, Braden, Caib and I, Caib was holding the lead rope on the three year old gelding Braden was breaking. They hollered at me because Braden had the saddle on and was fixing to get on the colts back for the first time. Caibs philosophy is: If there is a camera present

Then you won't have any troubles..... It's only when you are unprepared that the really good pictures AKA Wild riding takes place. (You know, It's kind of like that time you saw Big Foot;) So I'm standing there with the camera and Braden slowly pulls himself into the saddle and sits on top of this very inexperienced horse........ Ears Lay back.................a quick look by the horse at who the heck just climbed on me..........................Oh It's just that kid that makes me run any time I jump at something.................................I guess I better just deal with this!! Braden gives a gentle kick and Caib begins to lead the horse around the corral WOW!! what a good horse.....Great Job Braden You've done well He's going to be a great horse... and all the while I can't help but think "how BORING" They start their second trip around the corral when in the distance we hear:

"Hi Guys" Uh.......Is that Chance, Says I,

"YUP" Both Braden and Caib reply

"Is He on Jack?" I question, with a 'what is that kid thinking, now' tone

"Yup" Both boys respond.

I hurry over to the other corall where Jack is tied up. Jack is a one year old colt that belongs to Chance, but Caib is the one who is supposed to be breaking him. That's why the saddle is even on him. Caib put the little saddle on him earlier to just let Jack get used to the whole idea. No one has ever ridden Jack with a saddle before. Jack just stands there as I whip the camera up snap a quick shot and tell Chance with a bit of controlled urgency.

"Chance GET off of THAT colt...............NOW"

"I've got this one under control, Caib" Chance seems to say as he points at us winks and slides off of Jack.


I've known fo a long time (about 5 years) that with Chance There's going to have to be a lot of gritting my teeth and looking away as he experiences this life.


Jenny said...

LOL! I was on pins and needles reading this one. I think I even winced. I wish I had Chances confidence.

Jenny said...

Chance's Sheesh!

Techno Grandma said...

Chance was perfectly safe--remember, you had the camera.