Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saving memories

a beautiful flower in my garden, I just liked it.
Oaklee taking a nap in my bed. I liked her position.

Aubree trying to act happy for this picture and only tolerating me and the camera so she can go in and watch a movie.

I LOVE this picture.........just don't want to loose it:)

About 3-4 months ago durring a lightening storm my computer crashed and I lost every thing Sob, SOB SOB!!!!! I know it's my own fault for not being more careful and backing everything up better, sigh. But, thank heavens for my blog. At least I have my blog!!!! So here I am blogging pictures I like so I won't loose them because of my lack of ability to wisely back everything up.


Adams Family said...

Sorry about the pictures but we will be expecting a lot more pictures to follow.

Jenny said...

That's awful...maybe I should back up my stuff. I LOVE that picture of Oaklee sleeping. She looks like some renaissance painting!