Monday, August 8, 2011

Highlights of our's see

This summer we lost 6 of our 11 dogie lambs to two black labs....It wasn't a pretty sight. And we worked so hard to keep them alive to start with.

Then 3 of our horses snuck into about 60 lbs of grain..........Not a good thing for horses. That one sent them to the vet in Richfield where they were given mineral oil antibiotics and ibuprofen for horses.

Then our sheepherder's horse ran away with him on it and he fell off breaking ribs and tearing shoulder ligaments and rendering him unable to we get to!!

I loved the James Family Reunion although at odd times I break into songs about old fashion harmony and long for band music....and then my heart starts palpitating.......

Softball was great this summer....even though the few family members that came to watch wondered if my team was for real.........We actually took third place in the tournament.

I've also began walking/running out at Big Rocks every morning I'm amazed at how peaceful it is in the mornings, with a view of the whole town before me as I walk home It gives me a whole different perspective on life.

I can't believe summer is so close to being over........We haven't even gone swimming once this year in our county pool. Ah well.......


Techno Grandma said...

Aaagh! I can't remember my part of the song. But wasn't it fun figuring out the harmony.

And if I bring my swimsuit can we all go to the pool and swim? Before school starts?

Adams Family said...

I think somehow summer was shorter than normal this year.

Jenny said...

Isn't that strange? I keep breaking out in song too. Maybe we should all practice and next year it'll be good!