Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Zooming by.........sigh

Tolerating The long summer days with all the kids home.
The only time Caib's horse has bucked has been when he had on a raicoat or winter coat so he's been working with Lilly so she's not scaredof them.

I think Lilly is such a pretty horse Caibs done an excellent job with her.

We went fishing at round lake one night

It was a beautiful night, no bugs, Braden caught two fish and Caib caught lot's of weeds and the boat.

Sorry my kids are hollering at me to come get them some dinner.....sigh it dosen't help that my oven went out a week ago and I'm running out of ideas for stove top stuff and grilled things.


Jenny said...

The pictures of round lake are beautiful. I love how calm it looks. I did immediately think bugs so I'm glad there weren't any.

Techno Grandma said...

That dog is so patient with kids--all of them at the reunion.

send me the info on your stove and I'll see if there is a replacement element at my repair guys place.

Round Lake looks pretty--maybe we could incorporate it into another reunion.

Adams Family said...

Beautiful, wonderful, although fast paced, summer.

Techno Grandma said...

Caib looks like he just stepped off the cover of a Louis L'amour.