Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cracking whips and roping LGM

I Tried really hard to get a couple of little videos but they wouldn't load. So all you get is the pictures. The LGM (little green man) sure looks like he's running away from Chance, and for good reason, too. Chance caught him and pulled him to the ground. Then for good measure gave him another good jerk. Caib standing there is about the proudest big brother around. He's Chancee's roping coach. He taught him everything he knows. What a great brother.

This is where I really wish I had the videos for you to watch. Braden's been working with Chance on his whip cracking skills. Chance does pretty good, too. The crack isn't exceptionally loud yet but we took care of that in the video as both Braden and Caib cracked there whips at exactly the right thime so that it sounds like Chance really snapped it good. Ah well.....Notice Chancees outfit. He claims to be Indiana Jones.


Adams Family said...

Cute, video would have been fun.

Jenny said...

Ah, too bad you don't have the videos posted. Stupid computers! It sounds like you had fun filming them. So, how many takes till you got the whip crack right? ;)