Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Vacation?

What a Summer. This last week has finally felt like Summer may really be a vacation after all.

Hiding in the bushes.
Chance, Sporting a new hair cut.

First crop being put up.

Pruning trees, Trust me it looks a whole lot better now then it did.

Climbing trees

swinging, and the roses.

a close up of the roses for Grandma.

re-roofing the cellar.

swimming in the back yard.

Are we Farmers or what? Look at them tans!!!!! Whoa!!

all the kids in or near the pool. Funny story: I went out with the camera to get this picture. It took forever to get all the kids to get in or near the pool so I could take one second to snap the picture. Part of the problem: Oaklee would not cooperate, she refused to get close enough for me to get the picture and cried and cried. So I finally pointed the camera at her and said, " Smile for the camera.

This is what I got. Little Stinker.

Fun together

Chilling in the cool evening.

Another funny story: Oaklee was crawling around on the floor all evening pretending she was a dog. All the sudden I hear her singing to herself in the other room. "I a dog, Who let me out? Who... who? who?

There you go. I've been a bit busy and haven't taken the time to blog a lot. maybe this will get me going again. I guess it depends on how many comments I get..................Teasing!


Techno Grandma said...

Thanks for the pictures of the roses. The root cellar looks great, too!

susan said...

Oaklee and the dog is soooo sweet. You should send a copy to Grandpa James. He would love it.

Adams Family said...

It is amazing how a few pictures makes it look like everything is soo relaxed and fun when in reality I know how busy you guys are.

Jenny said...

Well, enjoy it now cause soon it will be too hot! Well, maybe not in Loa but here...yeah, not fun! I love that Oaklee even knows that song. ??? Are we thinking of the same song?

More Joy in "The Service" said...

Here's another comment to hopefully keep your blogs coming, we love them.