Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just reposted this and deleted the last one. See if you can pick out any differences.

What a real Cowboy is

I want to be a real cowboy
Living on the open land
In my mind I've got a picture
Of something really grand.

And whether or not it's true
or just something in the past
I let myself have faith
that we haven't seen the last.

It's a picture of a horse
With the reins in the dust
and a cowboy standing near
with clothes worn and caked in crust.

He's been living on the range
all alone for many a day
As he's gathering the cattle,
for the boss, to earn his pay.

And that cowboy stands alone
With his horse there near his side
And faithfully he contemplates
His long and weary ride.

The sun is hanging low
As he stands there strait and tall
And he hears the cows a settling
While coyotes yip and call.

He knows he'll be up late
As he rides around the herd.
He don't take lightly his promise
When he gave the boss his word.

Though something in that yipping
caused the cowboys heart to yearn,
And long for things at home
But though he wants to return

He knows the cows need tending,
And he just continues on,
Not knowing that too soon
his way of life will be gone.

He throws out his blanket
Beneath a cedar tree,
And he builds a little fire ,
To help chase away the lonely.

After night has settled in,
And he's caught a couple winks.
He rolls out of his covers
And he pulls on boots and chinks.

And out he rides a checking
On the safety of his calves.
Remembering the yipping coyotes,
sounds of a predators laughs.

"Now why," says I, to me,
Do I long for open land.
And the yipping of a coyote,
And the riding for a brand.

Must be something deep with in me,
must be the lessons I can learn
From a lonely cowboy
Who allows his heart to yearn.

A real cowboy who doesn't quit
If there's one thing left to do.
One who's completely honest,
When he's alone he's good and true.

He don't allow himself to quit.
It ain't even in his thought.
When he's got a job to do,
Why He's "Johnny on the spot."

Now there are a lot of men
Who claim to wear that hat.
But It's almost as if lately
It's just a lot of chat.

No, I want to be a real cowboy.
One who proves his worth.
One who shows integrity,
As he trails across the earth.

One who finishes the job,
though the boss is back at home.
I want to be a real Cowboy
No matter where I roam.

-Cathy Brian-

I reposted this because I couldn't get the last post to take up less room. Thanks to all who commented on it. Feel free to comment again:)

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Adams Family said...

The second paragraph is new, I like it, and I think "remembering" the yipping coyotes, is changed. It is only getting better.