Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inundated with birthdays, Mothers day, cows and sheep.

It all started with Caibs Birthday on April 29th We woke up early and Caib opened his presents. I Made him a carrot Cake and We had Cake and Sang him Happy Birthday. Then Our designated party chairman, Aubree decided that a week later we would have a surprise party for Dad. She made all the arrangements and even provided the decorations and Ice cream.

While Braden, Chance and Dad went to feed cows Aubree Caib and Oaklee decorated.
It turned out very nice

Dad was very surprised. Allow me now, to throw in a chattering from Chance. While Dad was at work Chance decided he needed to make him a birthday card, I was outside planting my Mothers day gift, a Northern Red Oak. The phone rang, and since I was outside Chance answered it. It was Roger. He talked to Dad for a few minutes dad told him, after their conversation, that he was on his way home. Chance came running outside to tell me.

Chance: Mom I just talked to dad on the telephone.

Me: What did he say?"

Chance:(with a bit of a guilty look) "He asked me what I was doing. I had to tell him I was drawing a picture of you for mother's day. Really I was drawing a picture of him for his birthday. After I hung up the phone I said to myself "Whew!!!!That was close."

Me: Whew, That was close!!!

So.....I planted my Red Oak tree. I'm extremely excited about my tree. It was kind of funny because Roger was in Richfield the Saturday before Mothers day and Called to ask me what kind of tree was planted in the front yard that was growing so well. I smiled to myself because I knew immediately what my mothers day gift was going to be so I told him It's a flowering Cherry but I'd really like a birch tree if that's what your going to get me.

"Well, There goes that surprise" he said

But, He did look all over town for a Birch tree and couldn't find one so I got the Northern Red Oak. I hope it survives. Then a week later he calls and says "I found a surprise for you for your birthday. Which was the fourteenth. He'd found two birch trees in another town and made a special trip to get them for me. Having thrown out my back planting my Oak tree I sent the kids out to plant my Birch trees. When I went out to check on their progress this is what I found.

Oaklee digging the hole, Caib Laying there watching

And then Aubree took over the shovel. Notice who's in the background playing with his dog.


Oh, alright, I'm teasing. Caib did most of the work on this one but we still had two more trees to plant after this one, my other Birch tree and a plum tree that we got for my mother for mothers day.

Braden and Caib both finished planting the tree's for me. They really are the best boys a mother could have!!

We then had Aubree's Birthday on the 16th. She got to open Birthday presents three times. in the morning, right after school, and then we had a surprise party for her that night for FHE.

And finally, Today we took the cows out. Yes it was snowing there was 4-5 inches of snow when they got them out there and it was a muddy mess!!! I drove the pick-up out and nearly slid off the road two or three times. Tomorrow the sheep go out!!! hopefully it will be a little warmer and not so muddy and wet. It'll sure be nice to have the animals out so we can get started on the farming.


Boy Mom said...

This spring has been crazy muddy. I did think of you on your birthday and then I though of Roger and your kids, I didn't know what kids so I just thought of all of them.

Sounds like a fun month for all of you. Oaklee is growing up way to fast. I felt bad we didn't get to spend more time with you when we were down. I am planning to take one of my weeks off and come down for a stay with out guests.

Notice I don't consider myself a guest.

Adams Family said...

K, I've decided that I want some more trees at some point. Maybe I should have Roger give Rob some good birthday ideas. :) Your house and yard look great. I reallllly need to get down there.

Jenny said...

May is a busy birthday month for you! Sheesh! Um, will plums grow in Loa?