Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OOOOOZING with Talent!!!

I just have to laugh at this one.

Caib got signed up for the talent show by one of his teachers......You should hear him complain and groan about THAT.

But it may just have paid off. You see, he was signed up to do a cowboy poem. He'd just finished up with a poetry unit in English and his teacher called me yesterday to let me know that Caib hadn't turned in his Poems that he was supposed to have written. I knew that he'd written some that were really good because we'd been working on them so I told her that he would get his packet done and turn it in to her. I took it with me to the Talent show this morning to give to her. I told her I had it in the pick-up She said "oh great". "But," says I " I think he must have missed the day that you explained what exactly to do to finish it up because he's missing 2 or 3 poems."
"I'll look at it and let you know" She says.

So there I sat at the Talent show watching a numerous amount of Interesting talents and getting more and more anxious because Chance and Oaklee were tired and bored. Finally Caibs turn Came up. He got up and recited the poem "Mis Raices estan Aqui" (My Roots are Burried Here)
I sat filming Caib and watching his English teacher as she reacted to his Poem. (She wasn't quite in tears, but just about.) It's a very serious poem and very touching and I love the way Caib delivers it.

So...... When Caib finished his poem,I decided that it was time to take my two little distractions and head home. Caibs teacher leaned back to me when she noticed I was leaving and Said I could just bring it in later I told her I'd just run get it. She Said something like Oh, I'm sure it's just fine Don't worry about it. I did run get it and handed it to her and she kept assurring me that it wasn't a problem with the three poems missing and she was sure it was beautiful and I thought "Hmmm, Way to knock 'em senseless Caib" I somehow got the impression that at least the English teacher recognized that Caib was the last person she had to worry about when it came to writing and understanding poetry. Here's an example of a couple of the poems he wrote.


Yellow is the summer when the sun comes out,
A dandelion field where the children run and shout.
Yellow is the sound of horses clomping hoofs
Yellow is a puppy with little yipping woofs.
When you're happy and you're smiling, you are yellow.
And you are loved and enjoyed by every fellow.
It's the warm glowing sun at the end of the day.
It's the start of the morning and scares dark away.
Yellow is the wood from a ponderosa pine.
Yellow will never, ever, ever start to whine.

-Caib Brian-

And this is his Quatrain:

Big ol' Cow
Chewing cud
Walking through
the dirt and mud.

Making noise
from your snout
And I start
To yell and shout.

For I am riding
Close behind
On a mountain
Path we wind.

Swishing tail,
walking slow.
Down to the water
we will go.

Journey's done
We're home now
In the pasture
Big ol'cow.
-Caib Brian-


Techno Grandma said...

Why does he fight it so hard when he is so good at it?

Cowboy mom said...

That's just Caibs way.