Sunday, May 1, 2011

Caibs Birthday and Coin Art?

First off I want no comments on the awesome photography!! But be sure to comment:)

Yes, you did read right, it's Caib's Birthday not Oaklee's. If you look close you can see 13 candles. This was the second time they'd lit the candles. I kept missing the "blow out" shot. So this time Dad let Oaklee help. We'd just finished up with Sunday dinner and Dad had to go back up to the church so we hurried and did the Birthday cake so he could be there. Dinner hadn't gotten cleaned up from, yet.

How do you spend your Sunday afternoons? Chance used to have an obsession a couple of years ago, he would line things up almost compulsively. I used to go find Chance because he was so quiet and he would be in another room lining up all his toy cars or the money from the monopoly game or whatever he could find. He would also creatively use the couch cushions to actually make things instead of just pulling them off of the couch to jump on them. Sooo...Today he spent a lot of time lining up his money to count, but after getting started he decided to make it in to a picture. and "voila" he made this beautiful unicorn. He's so proud of it that I may be stepping over it for a day or two.


Jenny said...

Oh, yeah, what a beautiful...unicorn? OK. Unicorn. I just know Chance is going to grow up and do something amazing.

Rob said...

Come on Jenny, of course it is a unicorn wolf. I could tell that the second I looked at it. is a regular, nice.
Cathy, believe me I am not going to comment on the "awesome" photography. ;)

Rob said...

oops, this is Amy not Rob.