Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Birthdays

Braden and Chance were both born in the month of October. Braden was born on the first and Chance was born on the 21st 9 years later. Braden turned 14 this year. It's hard to believe I still remember having such terrible morning sickness with him. I'd drag myself out of bed every morning puke, get dressed, puke, try to eat, puke go down to my sister, Laura's house puke, Lay on her couch and ask...."Will I ever like food again?" Oh, how miserable and oh, how worth it.
OK, let me explain this wonderful cake, lest any of you think I am incapable of making something so absolutely um......round and white. I made fondant for the first time ever in my life. I had a pumpkin or baseball in mind but that's as far as I got. a nice round balllish looking thing.
But, obviously we still had a blast!! and we all decided that fondant might make cool looking cakes if you ever finish them, but they don't really taste very good.

So Chance picked out this campfire cake. Ahhhhh!!! the foolproof kind that are nearly impossible to mess up.

He Loves it!! and that's really all that matters. The day I went into labor with Chance was soo memorable. It was the day the cows came home. Aubree and I had gone out to dry valley to watch and help a little and a man stopped and wanted to take some picture he took one of me and it still amazes me to look at the picture he took and realize that I had a baby the next day. I think That was probably my easiest pregnancy; even though I worried more about having a live baby then ever before. I'd miscarried three boys before we finally got our Chance. What a great kid!!!
I sure do love my October kids. They love the fact that they were born during the deer hunt month and Braden loves the fact that if he ever has a birthday on Sunday he gets to stay home and watch church on T.V. Happy Birthday Boys!!!


real-life said...

So I've always wanted to try to do a fondant cake but haven't yet. Was it hard, did you make your own or buy it. Someday. It was nice and round though and I loved the campfire cake. I wanted to snitch one of the twix of the top and eat it right now. Happy Birthday boys!

Adams Family said...

Happy birthday Braden and Chance!

Rachel Coleman said...

I thought Braden's cake looked like a snowball. :) I don't like fondant either...whoever invented it must not have had taste buds. :)

The Colemans said...

I love the campfire cake! I will have to show it to Kash for next year maybe. Is the fire just frosting? And I have been really bad at remember what day it is at all so I didn't necessarily forget it was their birthdays, they are on my calendar, I have just been struggling with the calling. I told Braden when he called about pizza but tell Chance happy birthday for us.