Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings

I love Autumn time. I love the colors, I love the brisk weather, I love the harvest, I love the angle of the sunlight, I love Autumn. I love being able to still send the kids out to play. I love the excitement when they come running back inside with colorful leafs, cold hands and noses, and rosy cheeks. I love it when they go outside barefoot and I open the door and yell, "Where are your shoes?" knowing darn good and well that I did the same thing as a kid and I loved it. I love the sound of Chainsaws it's a busy happy sound with great rewards when winter finally does come. I love watching the frost come in and seeing it sparkle when the sun comes up. And I LOVE the time change and we get to sleep in an hour longer. When is the time change, anyway?

So..... Chance and Oaklee were outside playing, with bare feet and glowing cheeks, in the sand box. I love standing at my new kitchen sink window and watching them play. I watched them as I prepared dinner and smiled that they were obviously having so much fun together. They were so involved in their game and It brought back childhood memories. For me Autumn is a time for reminiscing, too. It didn't last too long before they came running into the house filled with excitement and chilly hands.

Chance: "Mom, Mom, We were having SO much fun."

Oaklee: "Yeah, so much fun"

Chance: "We were playing Pirates"

Oaklee: " Yeah, Piwates"

Chance: "and we FOUND the lost TREASURE!!!!"

Oaklee: "yeah, Lost tweasure"

Chance: " It was SO much FUN!!"

Oaklee: (Bouncing up and down with excitement) "Yeah, SO much FUN!!"

Chancee's Chattering: (with loud sigh of contentment) "We were pretending to use our imagination"

Oaklee: "yeah, magination"


Adams Family said...

That is hilarious. As I think about it watching TV would be pretending to use your imagination.

Stephanie said...

That's awesome! We can't wait until Heather starts to talk and say cute things, and using her imagination.