Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm getting more and more anxious to get my house put back together. Last Friday and Saturday my cupboards got put in. I had a piece of cardboard that showed how the counter top would look on my Island but it was a template needed to cut out the counter top so my cabinet guy took it. but these pictures show a bit more. I have to admit that I can't believe how nice everything is turning out. I'm so impressed with how well the cabinets have been designed. Everyone told me that it would be well worth the wait to have this guy do them. I believe they were right.

last Wednesday and Thursday we got bombarded with rain. I literally had a waterfall in my house right down the new back door. I called the guys that did my construction, they came and looked at it and told me when things dried out they would fix it. the next day when it rained again even harder I was worried about it ruining my new kitchen ceiling and called Roger. He came all the way home from Richfield, 40 minutes away, fixed my roof and then went back to Richfield to finish working. Just one of those things that makes me sooo grateful for my very own handyman!!


Boy Mom said...

I swear I'm going to get through football and then come down just for the weekend, all by myself, just too see it all.

Adams Family said...

Take me too.