Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Eve. After an evening of food fun and excitement at Grandma Brians house
Rudolph shows up outside. The kids bounce off the walls as they look outside and see Rudolphs glowing nose and antlers looking in the window. He comes every Christmas eve to see if the kids are being good and are getting ready for bed.We then head home where the kids all open their Christmas eve presents
and pose for our annual Christmas eve picture in the new P.J.'s
Christmas morning comes bright and early. I'd say about 6:00 AM and the bright is the dang flash as Mom once again takes an annual Christmas picture.
This year Caib has been extra concerned about how we are all going to fit into Mom and Dad's bed in a few years.

Christmas Morning Chaos!!

Braden with his new 30-30 and Caib eagerly looking over his new Chaps etc.

Aubree admiring her new stuff

Chance(as usual) can't seem to sit still enough for a picture when he's too excited

Oaklee playing with her new toys

and, moi with my new gift's

After Christmas There's a lot of duck hunting etc. Caib with his first Duck

New Years eve. We traditionally have steak and Shrimp, we added home made fries this year. (Big Hit)

New years Sledding on Chancee's new sled

Down the hill

up the hill

down the hill

up the hill

Braden generously lent his gloves to his little sister. Oaklee refused to let any one out sled her. Anytime anyone else got on the sled she'd start in with
"I wanna do, I wanna do"

We finally got her into the pick up to help pull the others.

But that didn't stop her from taking her turn being pulled around the pasture behind the pick up.

Rudolphs visit


Julie Harward said...

looks like great family times..Have a really wonderful year! xxx's :D

Adams Family said...

I need to start more traditions. Yours look fun.

Boy Mom said...

I love Christmas traditions. I didn't know about Rudolph's visit.