Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun to See!

I love this home. It is, to me, My dream home. I love the huge trees surrounding the home, I love the gravel driveway that circles the house. I love the size of the home but, most of all I love the sweet little lady that lives here. To Me, this is what America is. Nothing big and fancy, just sensible and cozy. and see those black dots in the trees behind the house. No they aren't specks on your monitor so quit trying to brush them off ;)
Usually there's about 8 of these guys sitting in the trees each morning. And they ARE fun to see!


Julie Harward said...

she is a sweet lady and she does have a little bit of heaven right there! i love the eagles around here too, they are always awesome!

Suz said...

Cowboy Mom,
I love you, and love reading your posts. You have a great love for life. I am so glad that I know you. I also love your little town, often I am jealous of the simplicity. Loved the Christmas, dreams, and BELL posts.
Thanks for sharing



Boy Mom said...

Does she feed them? I've heard if you feed them they'll never leave:)

I love that house too!

Cowboy mom said...

Nope she dosen't. They Winter here. They have for Years!