Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's a Valley?

We made plans to go to Goblin Valley with the Morgans on Monday (yesterday) since the kids were still out of school for spring break. As we were preparing to go I would occasionally mention to Chance that we were going to go to Goblin Valley and won't that be fun. He was excited because Parker would be there. Now if you haven't figured this out yet, I'll just tell you. Chance is a pretty deep thinker, and he took some time and thought about this little trip we were planning as well. I realized this after he came in to the family room where I was and said, "Mom, What is a valley?" So I explained to him, as best I could in three year old language that if mountains are all around us, and we are looking up at them then we are in a valley.
He's still stuck on the whole concept of a valley, and occasionally asks me about them.
We sure had fun, though. after spending time eating playing and enjoying the warm weather. We all packed up and headed home. Roger, true to form, headed home down the back roads while the Morgans took the main highway. we figured out that before we got back to a paved road and had 45 minutes left to go the Morgans would have already made it home. It was sure a fun day. I really enjoyed the chance to be out of the house for the second time in three days. I'm looking forward to this summer and taking time to go play and hike with the kids, even if we don't go to far from home.

We sure live near some rugged country. on our way down the dirt road we stopped at an old abandoned ranch. it was so far away from everything that I think I may have had a Tiny feeling of what the pioneers experienced as they left there homes and everything familiar and headed out to some desolate spot where they would start all over. I tried to get the kids to think about it to by asking them how they would feel if Dad told us that we had bought this ranch and we were going to live here from now on. Caib loved the idea. Aubree......not so much.
Oh, but we had fun.


Julie Harward said...

What a cute bunch of kids!! I'm glad you had so much fun..Ron & I made that trip once before we were married, in an old orange jeep, it rained on us alot before we got home but we didn't care. It's a pretty place to go..I'm wondering why your son wasn't more worried about the "Goblin" part as much as thr Valley part of it all..kids, go figure! LOL

Techno Grandma said...

I loved Goblin valley when your cousin Anne and I went there. It looked like it would be a fun place to hike and run and take pictures.

And, Is the abandoned ranch for sale? Sounds like something I'd like.

There are several places around there that I think would be fun to visit for a family reunion.

Boy Mom said...

I'm gonna go to Goblin valley this summer no matter what. I keep hearing about it.

just show Chance your breasts and then explain which part is the valley, he's going to be asking about them sooner or later...think of it as killing two boy questions with one, well two er...OK I'm done.