Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Animal Update & So this is what it's like raising cowboys who wanna play baseball

This is Dozer I'm not giving an update on him I'm just telling you a little about him. Have you ever had a dog show up in your life and you have this instant connection? That's what happened with Dozer and me. I love this dog. I don't know why but he and I just have this thing for each other. He lives about three miles away with a wonderful family but whenever he get's the chance he takes off and ends up here at my house. Today he showed up just as I wen't out to feed the doggies/. Aren't they Adorable? This is the part about raising cowboys who wanna play baseball. Normally the boys would have the chore of feeding these cute little guy's but baseball has given me the opportunity to be the exclusive feeder, with the occaisional help of a short attention span three year old cowboy. we've had quite a challenge getting these three little guys to survive. they are the only three out of a lot.

And, here is Lilly. She's getting big. Every time I go out to feed the doggies she comes over and nibbles on my sleeve and hair until I finish feeding them and spend a few minutes rubbing her neck and chin. She's turned into a real softy. I always look forward to feeding the doggies just for the time I get to play with Lilly.


Techno Grandma said...

Cute animals and Chance!!

Boy Mom said...

Aww, I love baby horses, their noses are so soft. I'm jealous of your job.