Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Way to WOW! em, Braden and So This Is What It's Like.....

Braden had a curriculum fair at school today. The school had sent a note home inviting the parents to come and see the displays the kids had made. So I went. I was kind of excited about it because I hadn't even seen Bradens project at all. All I knew was that he had done a report on World War II. and that he had printed up some pictures and things for this project. He'd also made a model of the U.S.S. Utah and asked Aunt Etta if he could borrow Uncle Kirks U.S. Navy uniform from World War II.

I walked into the gym at the Middle School and was a bit overwhelmed. There were lots's and lots of displays all through the gym. With people wandering through the gym looking and visiting with the kids about there topics. They had judges there as well. After finding Bradens display I waited for a few minutes because a judge was visiting with him about his display. After the judge left I walked up and asked Braden how things were going. "Awright." he drawled, as usual.

"So what did the judge ask you?" was my next question

"He asked me what happened on Dec. 7th 1941" He said

What did you tell him?" I asked

"That I didn't know."

"BRADEN! What did Happen then?"

Chuckle, "The bombing of Pearl Harbor"

"you ever going to forget that?" I ask.

"Nope!" was his response.

And he won't!

Here I sit Blogging away when Chance comes running in the house.

"MOM The lamb got out!"

"Uh Oh!" Says I

I jump up and head for the garage door. The lambs are in a heat box in the garage. One of them isn't doing so well, but obviously one is and it has gotten out.

I walk into the living room and stop short,

When Chance came in to tell me the lamb was out, he'd left the Garage door into the house open and there stood a little lamb looking at me expectantly "Blaaahhhh!!!!!!"

So, I stopped and fed the lambs. Now the two healthy ones are out in the pen under the shed. Hopefully the little triplet will pull out of it and join them soon.


Julie Harward said...

I just love to read your posts..very nice and the little lamb is so cute! I was out taking some pictures today, I saw Oreo and took one of him..he's SO cute! Enjoy this warm day!!

Boy Mom said...

Baaad little lamb! Cute Easter decoration though!

Adams Family said...

I'm a little confused. Did Braden really not know and the judge told him or was he just teasing you? Cute lamb, and what a responsible 3 year. He must be a natural cowboy.

Techno Grandma said...

My mom said they kept dogie lambs in a box behind the wood burning stove in the house for several days anyway. Maybe this one was feeling left out!

Techno Grandma said...

Also, I thought Pearl Harbor happened on Dec. 7, 1941 Is there something about the international dateline I don't know?

Cowboy mom said...

Yeah I was just seeing who would catch that first. Congratulations! Apparently he got the question right.