Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy, busy, BUSY

Spring is here whether the weather cooperates or not. Baseball started. we're almost done Lambing but that just means the lambs have to be docked vaccinated and castrated(More on that later) It's getting close to time to gather the cows off of the desert, and it's time to get the cows that are home ready to go on the mountain. There are still doggies to feed three times a day, Gardens to prepare for planting, weeds to spray, irrigation pipes to fix. Luckily our grass hasn't started growing to the point that we have to mow yet, but soon it will be.

Funny thing is... I love the anticipation of summer and warm weather and so I kind of enjoy it.

(this is the more.....later)
Docking the Lambs

I stared at my grandpa in pure disbelief
But still trusting him all of the same.

Could what he was asking me to do
be serious or a weird sort of game?

I’d grabbed the legs of the next little lamb
Flipped him over and was holding him tight

So’s my grandpa could dock and castrate him
And bob his tail off without a big fight.

But something was wrong and my arms started aching
As I held on as hard as I could.

I could tell that my grandpa was frustrated some
And things just weren’t looking to good.

He struggled with that elasticator
And the lamb, he weren’t to understanding

In fact, he was struggling and kicking so fierce
Grandpa started in a reprimanding.

“Hold him as tight as you can!” he hollered
And pulled out his extra sharp blade!

I’ll cut him and hold him, you use your teeth”
I couldn’t believe what he had just said.

“That’there's how it’s done if your going to be
A man in the livestock operation.

So bend over quick grab a hold with your teeth
And begin that there extrication

I know who I am and who I’m going to be
So hesitating only a second

I bent over quick took hold with my teeth
And, well….It weren’t as bad as I reckoned

Now the best thing about it aint the bragging rights
Though I’d have to admit they are bliss.

It’s getting home when we’ve finished our work for the day
And giving Mom a great big, wet kiss.

I've learned to be just a little bit bit leary of sons that come home with a big smile on their face and the offer of a kiss. Especially when they've been Docking lambs.

The fun thing is to collect on their offer of a kiss later when they aren't necessarily wanting one.


DrGooch said...

Love the poem! You might like a similar story and photos about castrating a yearling John Mule on my place...

You guys get to do the kind of work that makes a person sleep really well. I doubt anyone in your house will ever need a c-PAP or sleeping pills!

Cowboy mom said...

sleep? Luckily calving is over and Lambing is close to being done so we can get back to sleeping especially with sprinklers farming starting soon. Our high mountain valley gives us a bit of a late start with water etc. Thank heavens!!

Boy Mom said...

Um, ewwww!