Saturday, March 24, 2012

As close as we get to a slumber party.

Yeah, I'm the mean Mom, I don't believe in Slumber Parties. Awhile Back we had an adult session of Stake Conference where we could ask questions from our Stake president and he would answer them. Some one asked the question "What do you think the most important thing we could do for our teenagers to keep them safe in this wicked world?" He stood there for almost a minute before he finally said, "No Sleepovers," He then paused for emphasis and continued, "Usually and more often then you can imagine I'll have a youth sit across from me in tears because of the mistakes they've made and it all stemmed in one way or another from sleep overs." So.. Roger and I decided we wouldn't allow sleep overs with the kids. So when Chance and Oaklee both grabbed a pillow and laid down on the cold hard floor and fell asleep with their stuffed animals I thought I'd better get a picture of the only sleep over they're likely to have. even though ten minutes later I carried them to their rooms.
I know, I m the meanest mom around , How boring, a ten minute sleepover with your sibling in your own family room. But, hey, they made the best of it.


Jenny said...

Oh, mother rarely allowed us to have sleepovers and I'm fairly normal. ;) You're not an awful mother.

Adams Family said...

Your kids get to "sleep over" on the mountains all of the time. What happened to the other poem you posted?

Boy Mom said...

Our sleep overs have mostly been with cousins. That adds a new level of creepiness to a sobbing confession don't ya think? I guess my biggest reason for limiting them though is how freakin' stinkin' grumpy they are the next day from lack of sleep and too much junk food. I say whatever works for your family.

Way to grab a scrapbook opp!

Love you.