Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quiet Thought

A Lantern Light

The light in early summer is so bright and beautiful,

My pathway is bathed in heavens glow.

Small children laugh and twirl as they follow closely there.

Blossom petals falling like the snow.

And in the evening hours just as dusk has settled in,

And the angled light fades behind the hill.

The pathway disappears for the sun has left the earth,

And my heart, it takes a sudden chill.

But, just when things are darkest and I think my way is lost,

A lantern light flickers on the trail.

My journey can continue if I turn towards the light,

And to my destination I’ll prevail.

There are lights along our way and they flicker on and off.

Eagerly I watch and feel their glow.

How my heart is filled with love for the keepers of their lights,

For without them I would not know where to go.

-Cathy Brian-


Jenny said...


Adams Family said...

Maybe that should go on the inside of a thank-you card. I know, you should start your own line of western greeting cards.

Cheyenne said...

Oh so lovely...!

Andrea said...

You are so talented! Thanks for sharing and not keeping it just to yourself.