Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What are You Thinkin'

Basketball season started a few weeks before Christmas break. There's about 18-20 7th and 8th grade boys so they divided them in to three teams. The boys have been playing against each other. The Coaches got together and placed the boys on teams trying to be as fair as possible. This put Braden and Caib on different teams. Oh well. It's kind of fun to cheer for both teams when they play against each other;)
Recently they took the best players from the three teams and made a traveling team. Both the boys are on this team so now for 5 weeks we get to travel every Saturday to different small towns around South Central Utah. Last Saturday we headed South over the Hogs back to Escalante I'd been over the Hogs Back but I'd never driven it.
As the boys sat in the pick up waiting for me to come out to drive them to Escalante Caib grabbed my Camera and took some pictures of Aubree's puppy, Christy. I think it was because we were going to be gone all day and I had commented about her taking off if no one was around. Caib started to worry and figured we needed some way to identify her if she did.

This is a picture of the scenery we got to enjoy on the ride home from Escalante. I should have stopped on the Hogs Back but I was a little to shaky. For those who don't know what the Hogs Back is.....Just imagine driving across a tight rope. that turns and curves It's quite an experience, But It is beautiful!! This picture was also an attempt to make up for the fact that I forgot to take any pictures at the ball game. I'll get some at Paiute this Saturday. What was I thinking?

It's time once Again to blog about our infamous Pygmy goat, Oreo, or as Caib fondly calls him "Gutsy" Yes he is wandering around the yard he has been for two or three days now. The boys go out and tie him up and minutes or sometimes hours later he's wandering around the yard again. When I go get Aubree from school I get home and he's standing in the drive way waiting for us. He comes right up to the car door and waits for me to open it. He doesn't want petted or anything because if I reach out to try he'll rare up and pretend he's HUGE!! Anyway, this morning I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. He hears some one coming.

"Oh hay, It's the big guy with a bag I think I'll go check this out."

Ah shucks, I was sure he had a treat for me!!"
Due to some very tender hearted people out there I won't blog the next picture. But Oreo, AKA, Gutsy was firmly urged back towards the hay stack with a firm if not solid kick, where he stayed for .02 seconds and then headed back towards my rose bush for a tasty snack. SIGH.......Why do we put up with this strange little fur ball?
ahem...... So what? I can't help it!!! I like the little fella


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Beautiful country! We've had an Oreo before. "Her" name was Fortune. She was always on top of something! Our teen is wrestling. So we have been going about every weekend doing that.
I grew up in Monroe, I love the Central part of our state.
Hogs Back sounds like our high mountain trail called dead horse pass! lol
Enjoy your day

Boy Mom said...

Sigh, now I want an Oreo, the cookie variety that is. Silly goat, I can't believe I haven't met him yet.