Monday, January 24, 2011

Ramblings on a Mild January morning.

Do you ever feel like you could do something great and meaningful and truly amazing? You know you have it in you but you just can't figure out what that truly amazing thing is. I always look around me and try to figure it out. I know that it's close to disclosing itself but, alas, It remains dormant. AAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!

But, then, Some one makes a comment and it stops you in your tracks, you think some more.........and..........well............... Maybe it is all worth it and even though my truly great self is still emerging.....I'm happy with who I am, and what I'm doing.

The Comment:

My cabinet maker was here Saturday putting up crown molding and doing a few things he still needs to do. He walked in the house with some of the molding and said,with some thought.

"In my next life I'm not going to be a cabinet maker."

"Who'll build all the cabinets?" Says I
He turned looked at me and with a look of curiosity asks, "do you really think you'd want to be a home maker in Loa in your next life?"

I was standing by my new kitchen sink loading dishes into the dishwasher,and though it wasn't visibly noticeable, I felt myself jerk and think almost immediately(to my surprise) "Well what else would I be? Of course I would want this!!" I can't even remember what my verbal reply was because I knew that I wanted to be exactly where I was doing exactly what I was doing.

I love little slaps in the face like that. I can truly say that I am happy with what I'm doing right now in my life and I watch my little ones and not so little ones as they grow, and.......That's it. That is my truly great accomplishment. Why would I step off of the path or look for something greater when the greatest accomplishment I could make is right there in front of me.....on the path that I've already chosen.


Boy Mom said...

Amen, Sister! Love, Love, Love that picture.

The trick to life is knowing that you've chosen it and delighting in that choice. The beauty or your life reflects the delight you take in it. And, yours is magnificently beautiful.

Boy Mom said...

The beauty OF not OR your life. Ha!

Love you so glad you write. You always make me think bigger thoughts.

Techno Grandma said...

Ah, I love those moments in life. I had a sort of similar experience last week. Thanks for the post and I love the picture. This is Jenny BTW.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

So, I have thought about this post for a few days. I think sometimes I'm a HUGE whinner! lol But I really do enjoy my life, If
given the choice to choose again, (because I did choose) I KNOW I would dive into the same choice! Oh I know there are things I would change, all of them dealing with my own attitude though. I love being a stay at home mom and wife. The keeper of the home! Not a lite weight job, but the fruits of our labors are sweeter than anything else in life. Anything. I'm so grateful to my husband for wanting me home. For his choices as well as my own, for our choices together. For 6 children who call me mom. Wow.

I enjoy your thoughts and the way you word them. Very thought provoking and good for me! :-)

........So whats up with the cabinet maker?


Suz said...

Well again you (and boy mom) amaze me. I appreciate my association with you evermore after reading this post.

I need to go take a serious inventory of my experience and tally those moments that make me and our family who we are.