Thursday, July 3, 2008

The waiting game

Isn't Aubree a great photographer? Just remember it's her photo subject that makes her look good. I've been having contractions off and on all day today. I know, I know, all that really means is .........Anytime now, But I'm going crazy!! and I'm pretty uncomfortable to boot. I swear I have never felt this anxious (Probably a lie) about getting a baby here. I blame it on my age. Here's my new philosophy: If your gonna have a baby when your my age(Just about 40) Make sure it's your first cause then you don't know that it's easier when you're younger, even three years younger. Oh Well, I am kidding, but I sure am looking forward to this babies birth despite having to go through labor and recovery.

Roger would love to have a baby born on the Fourth of July he keeps calling and suggesting names like
"How about Betsy Ross Or Liberty Belle," Or he'll call and say
"Look up Thomas Jeffersons wifes name."
His favorite so far is Dolley Madison Brian
"Doesn't that sound good together?"
I love it when he calls It makes me laugh when I am otherwise miserable but excited.


Rob said...

If you hadn't just said that you were miserable I would never have know. You look so relaxed and cute sitting there. Of how quickly we forget when we aren't pregnant.

Rob said...

oops that and this is Amy not Rob.

Boy Mom said...

Congrats, love you all!