Sunday, July 27, 2008

Princess or Cowgirl?

The other day Aubree and I decided we would make some cookies. We do it all the time but this time I told her to get out the butter and told her that we could use the butter I had just made. She gave me a weird look and then told me that she didn't want to make cookies with butter made from our cow.
A couple of weeks ago we got a new, Jersey Milk cow. She's a great milker with very rich milk, so we've been milking her every morning and using her milk. Aubree is not a fan of milk anyway but trying to get her to drink milk from the milk cow isn't even possible. (If she knows thats where the milk came from). So back to the cookies. I finally gave up trying to get her to use the fresh butter and we used Margerine. Well...Aubree thought about the whole situation for awhile then came and found me and said.
"Mom, I must be more princess then cowgirl."

"Why is that?" I asked

"Because," She said " I just don't like drinking cows milk or using cows butter."

Hmmm. I guess she is more of a princess. But I wouldn't trade that for anything. I just agreed with her and continue to use cows milk in her oatmeal and cows butter on her toast.


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Princess for sure. Does she like peas?????